About The Author

Hey everyone! 

Curious about who’s been penning down these articles? Hear from the author herself!

I’m Steffi George, a lively 27- year old, hailing from the beautiful southern state of Kerala in India. A voracious writer and editor, I love to pen (or type!) down on anything from leisurely travel to food and cuisine to weddings to lifestyle to relationships and art!

Travel and Trots is the product of my 2-year old thought baby. Like a twist of lime on salad, I add a tinge of personalization to my travels across the US and India. Recently, I migrated from India to the US and is currently based in Virginia. So whilst exploring a bit of my kitchen, I’m also heading out to new places quite literally!


My Mission for Travel and Trots

What I hope to give you with this travel blog is insight and resources to help you plan your own vacations! Travel and Trots is meant to be an online travelopedia, not just a personal blog. So if you’ve managed to get that elusive little detail missing from other websites in here, then I’ve accomplished my goal!

Hope you enjoy visiting these places and finding more joy on foot with a bit of guidance from Travel and Trots!