Cherry Blossom Facts and Oddities

cherry blossom facts
Pic Courtesy: Arno Smit

Did you know these amazing cherry blossom facts?

  •  In 1940, Washington DC authorities introduced the Cherry Blossom Pageant. It still continues to date, producing the Cherry Blossom Queen and Princesses.
  • At the southwest bank of the Tidal Basin, another gift from Japan – a stone pagoda stands strong as a symbol of  friendship between the two nations.
  • The cherry blossoms flower across Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Netherlands, Korea, China and even the United Kingdom. Most of them were gifts from Japan during the course of time, except a few trees grown natively in the mid-northern and southern parts of China.
  • Canada hosts a “Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival” at the British Columbian province every year when all its 50,000 Yoshino trees are in blushing colors across the state parks in between February and April.
  • In India, Himalayan states such as Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and many northern districts of Darjeeling and a few peaks of the Western Ghats witness cherry blossom blooms when the weather gets warmer during the months of March and April. Some temple districts along the Himalayan foothills are famous for wild cherry trees sprouting throughout Spring season.
  • Many Mughal paintings bear witness to warm relationships between India and Japan over the years. You can see drawings of emperors meditating among curtains of cherry trees in many Indian paintings.
  • Hanami is the Japanese tradition of gathering together to watch flowers. So this year in Washington, when the cherry blossoms burst to life, we will all be “hanaming.”

Intrigued by these lesser known  cherry blossom facts? There’s so  much more to know about these picturesque pink blooms that what is readily available online!

Books providing more cherry blossom facts and information on the bloom and festival:

  1. The Cherry Blossom Festival: Sakura Celebration by Ann McClellan
  2. Cherry Blossoms by James T. Ulak, Howard S. Kaplan, Julian Raby

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