Cherry Blossom Photos and Frame Locations in Washington DC

Pic Courtesy: DC Refined

Looking for the best frame locations for those gorgeous cherry blossom photos you want to click? Begin by tracking the bloom!

Follow this website closely to know exactly when you should trek out with your photo gear: Cherry Blossom Earth Cam

When to take the best cherry blossom photos?

For the photobugs, go early in the morning to capture the best photos. Not just will the fresh flowers reflect the soft dew and hazy sunlight. But also, the Tidal Basin will not be crowded by the regular commute of tourists and people.

The Higan cherry trees or weeping cherries can be found here. Here’s a list of places where you can find different types of cherry trees: Click here

Near the FDR memorial is the Japanese pagoda sculpture, a monument of historic significance. You can shoot the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Memorial in the background from there. You can also get 180 degree views of the trees from the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. This shot can capture paddlers in water also.

cherry blossom photos

Pic Courtesy: Sean Naber (Flickr)

The official Japanese lantern in located at the Independence Avenue just after the bridge. This is where you can get many shots of the oldest trees sweeping the water.

The Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool is famous through photographs. Check out the frames near the World War II memorial also if in the vicinity. The Washington Monument has many flaming purple trees which are not cherry trees, but look gorgeous all the same.

The East and West Potomac Parks are the all-time favourites for cherry blossom photos. This is mainly because there are many types of trees to capture here.

The quiet Haines Park offers secluded photography opportunities. Towns of Bethesda (Kenwood) and Alexandria also present picturesque settings, but more so in their residential neighbourhoods. The Brookside Gardens also provides good shots against lush green lawns at its exclusive Japanese garden.

cherry blossom photos

Tips for shooting the best cherry blossom photos:

You see how many photo opps can be found on foot? So come prepared with comfy shoes and lots of sunscreen!

Take the Tidal Basin paddle boats for photos from across the water.

Around 6-7 days after the bloom, the flowers would have shed all their petals. Petal carpets across the water and against stones are also great photo shots!

For Instagram pictures, the CityCenter DC hosts well-decorated alleys with pink and cherry-themed lanterns. Also, the Blossom Kite Festival is an awesome backdrop for photos.

Because the culmination happens on just one single day, heavy rush of tourists and nature lovers can block your photo moments. Prevent this by choosing other non-conventional spots of capture the attractions of the Yoshino cherry tree.

History of the cherry blossom in Washington DC: 
Click to know how the cherry blossoms first bloomed in DC

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