Why Niagara Falls Can Sometimes Scare You!

What does it feel like to be at the centre of those pulsating currents? Scared to death? Or excited as hell?!

Here’s our account on how the Niagara consumed us whole at the heart of the falls!

At the center of the Niagara Falls:

Which views are the best? US or Canada? Or both?? Best ways to see the Niagara: Click here

There are so many videos of daredevil jet boat tours and water sports on unofficial Niagara youtube channels. If you’re planning to visit the falls this year, make sure you check out in advance the creeks and ice-skating rink schedules nearby.

Or follow our guide on the places to see near the falls.

More clips such as this Niagara YouTube video on our official channel – Travel and Trots on YouTube!

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    […] What it feels to be like at the centre of Niagara Falls – A powerful video shot of the falls’ tidal energy! […]

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