The Best Cherry Blossom Locations in Washington DC for Photoshoots

Here’s a quick guide to the best cherry blossom locations in Washington DC!

The majority of blooms occur along the 1.8 mile pathway around the Tidal Basin. See the Tidal Basin cherry bloom live on this link: Cherry Blossoms Earth Cam

The second most popular grove for cherry blossoms is along the Independence Avenue stretches towards the Martin Luther King Memorial. Note that the oldest trees are on these grounds. And also, there are many sights of sweeping branches and flower curtains against the water – always a welcome photo moment!

cherry blossom locations

Pic Courtesy: Ajay Sahu (Flickr)

Northwest of the Washington Monument is a small ground hosting more than 340 cherry trees. Imagine a photo of these blushing bushes against the backdrop of the towering marble monument! Brilliant isn’t it? It will be less less crowded also.

On the west side of the Capitol Hill and the Upper and Lower Senate Park, you can find a few lots of Yoshinos. If you want a couple of closed and marked out spots of the bloom, then check out the Japanese American Memorial to patriotism during World War II. The National Arboretum is also one of those good cherry blossom locations where you can see a huge variety of Sakura trees cultivated for research.

cherry blossom locations

Pic Courtesy: Joseph Gruber (Flickr)

The Arlington Cemetery also has a good canopy of cherry trees ascending across martyr graves. Georgetown’s Dumbarton Oak Park also has some very neatly manicured blossoms, but lies a little outside DC mainland. Entry to the park is not free and have restrictions on carrying cameras.

Other cherry blossom locations are the Faxhall Village in Georgetown and many other residential complexes around the town of Bethesda.

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