The Complete Washington DC Cherry Blossom Viewing Guide

Welcoming spring into the year are these beautiful gushes of pink cherry blossoms blooming at the heart of America – Washington DC!

Cherry blossoms or the “Sakura” in Japanese is the national flower of Japan. You can see that these pretty flower bushes adorn many paintings, coins and clothing native to Japan. The Sakura blooms come in more than 200 varieties of which the palest and most popular blooms are the Yoshino variety.

cherry blossom dc

When do the cherry trees bloom in Washington DC?

The beautiful Yoshino cherry blossoms blush into life over a spell of a week, depending on the warm currents of the area. Usually, the blooms spread between mid-March and early April.

See the forecast here: Cherry Blossoms in DC peak time

Where are the blooms located?

The majority of blooms occur along the 1.8 mile pathway around the Tidal Basin. But there are plenty more of places where you can view the cherry blossoms without crowds.

See the best places to see the blooms in Washington DC: Cherry Blossoms DC Viewing Guide


cherry blossoms dc

Pic Courtesy: Chase McAlphine (Flickr)

Cherry blossoms have attracted people from all over the globe by their charm and blushing  beauty. Cherry blossom photos have become iconic with the national capital.

Here are some of the best photo opportunities revolving around the flowering trees at Washington DC: Cherry blossom photo opportunities at Washington DC

Keep a watch for blooms directly through this live camera: Cherry blossoms DC – Earth Cam

History of Cherry Blossoms DC

The blooms have been a symbol of everlasting friendship between the US and Japan. Read about the scintillating history which ties these cherry trees to the Japanese kingdom here!

National Cherry Blossom Festival

A gathering of parades, marathons, cultural exhibits and spring-theme events, the National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the happy welcome of warmth in a spell of 3 weeks. Check out the events here.

Cherry blossom facts: Here are some quick and interesting facts about these pink blooms! 

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