Which country has the world’s most powerful passport?

most powerful passport

For some, citizenship is a birth right. For others, they strive for it. Of the many reasons why you should consider applying for some of the world’s top passports, the best reason would be of course – for unlimited uninterrupted travel!

Whether for business or residency, certain countries peak in terms of offering citizenship and travel rights to their visitors. You can avail visa-free travel flexibility and protection if you own their passport.

So whether just globetrotting or settling down in newer soils, let the 2017 Visa Restrictions Index (VRI) published by Henley & Partners guide you into making the right travel choice!

Henley & Partners is a global citizenship and residence advisory firm which consults governments, bankers, businesses and citizens on immigration, policy, visa and geopolitical changes. Their annual VRI ranks the world’s countries by taking into a huge number of factors and by associating with IATA (International Air Transport Association).

The most powerful passport in the world belongs to…

10) Hungary

The culturally and artistically distinct Hungarians can fly to 167 countries across the world. 167? Now that’s a lot! The Hungarian passport is ranked the 10th most powerful passport.

most powerful passport

9) Czech Republic

Historic, ancient and scenic, the Czech Republic is as much a tourist country to fly into as to fly out of. They provide unlimited visa entry to 168 countries, one more than their Hungarian counterpart.

most powerful passport


8) Iceland

The icy glaciers of Iceland attract many a travel bee with their scope of scientific investigation and adventure travel. This country can wow you with shows of both fire and ice on the same streak of land.

most powerful passport

Iceland visa has free entry to 169 countries!

7) South Korea and Australia

Take the once-in-a-lifetime chance to dive into the Great Barrier Reef and hop on a kangaroo or koala safari in the avid desserts of Australia. The culturally open and diverse continent of Australia gives its citizens chances to visit 170 countries free of visa hassles all through the year. South Korea is amongst the strongest Asian countries with access to as many countries.

most powerful passport

6) Portugal, Greece, Canada, Switzerland

These 4 countries let you visit 171 others without any immigration bumps at airports or ports of entry.

most powerful passport

 5) Japan, Ireland, New Zealand

Holding passports of any of these countries allows you to fly in and out of a staggering 172 countries free of any visa hurdles. What a sweet way to keep exploring the world!

most powerful passport

4) France, Austria, Singapore, Belgium, Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom

With so many geopolitical changes happening around, these 8 countries are amongst the top holders of the most powerful passports in the world. Many of them belong to the EU, a mammoth for trade and goods movement.

most powerful passport

All 8 of these countries offer their citizens uninterrupted travel options to 173 countries.

3) United States, Italy, Spain, Finland, Denmark

The 2017 Visa Restrictions Index ranks these countries in third place as the countries grant their citizen visa-free access to 174 countries.

most powerful passport

2) Sweden

One of the most powerful passport holders in the world, the Swedish citizens can globe-trot easily across the airports of 175 countries.

most powerful passport

1) Germany

Germans have been the most powerful passport holders since 2014 till date with their citizenship allowing them to travel to 176 countries across the world.

most powerful passport

Travel restrictions often depend upon political and business circumstances. Hence, recent legislation such as the Brexit and new leadership around the world like the presidency of Donald Trump can affect the rankings.

Also, terrorism and threat can majorly put a damper on the visa acceptance. Perhaps this is why the countries of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistani and Syria are at the  bottom ranks with less than 30 countries who invite their citizens.

Many countries have been quick to gain on the index. Countries such as Peru, Kiribati and the Marshal Islands have jumped around 10 spots with their recent visa rule relaxations.

So have you decided where to dock your boat?

Germany it should be!

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