Restaurants Near Niagara Falls

To be frank, good restaurants near Niagara Falls (NY) is practically non-existent. I had a really difficult time to find good places to eat which weren’t fast food chains during my visit there.

Because the exertion at the falls itself was so exhausting, I needed something at least 50% safe and replenishing. But all I could find were queues of burgers and fries hovering around.

And boy, did the cafeteria right outside the main entrance of the falls completely disappoint me! The Indian food there sucked, was overpriced, and the staff were least interested in their serving duties.

Cleanliness in the main building is questionable. However, we later realised that if you venture out a little more, you will find lots of good Pakistani cuisine and some places serving halal meat. Much more pleasing to the tastebuds!

restaurants near niagara falls

For fast food restaurants near Niagara Falls, there’s the Hard Rock Cafe (333 Prospect St) or head to your trusted Olive Garden(1532 Military Rd). The quality and taste will be familiar and safe. Both are on the New York side of the falls.

It is always prudent to just pack your own food, stock fruits, bottled water and tea for the drive. Easy on the stomach! Also, chances are that you won’t be staying in Niagara for more than a day or two. So, scout for places a little away from the falls or bring home-made food.

An option I always suggest is getting ready-to-go sandwiches from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s even if it means you have to venture out a bit. They are safe, healthy and nutritious!

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