Top 5 Fall Festivals In The World

Autumn season is finally here and you’re just waiting to celebrate your way all through the gala fall festivals popping up in every city! What’s the best thing about all the celebrations? Is it the pumpkin spice? Or the zesty orange lanterns, or the ever rolling scent of roasted turkey? We love all of these built together into an exploding  bomb of fall festivals and events circumventing the globe!

Here’s our pick on the top 5 fall festivals in 2017 you should try and attend from across the world:

1. Lantern Fest – in the US

There’s something magical about watching thousands of fire-lit lanterns rising up together up into the inky blue sky. For a minute, all the stars will lose their brightness and you’ll feel completely small and insignificant under the sea of fire lanterns.

fall festivals

This is real. Not a scene from Disney’s ‘Frozen’ movie.

The Lantern Fest happens across the width of US in the months of September to November. Lantern Fest 2017 dates and locations are:

  • Salt Lake City – 30 September
  • Austin – 30 September and 1st October
  • Phoenix/Tucson – 21st and 22nd October
  • Albuquerque Fall – 28th October
  • St Louis – 4th and 5th October
  • Dallas – 11th November
  • Goldsboro – 11th November
  • Washington DC – 19th November

fall festivals

Tickets range from $7 to $60. While you’re there, enjoy face painting, camping, roasting marshmallows and the company of good friends under the illuminated autumn sky.


2. Diwali – in India

Diwali is one of the most famous Indian fall festivals people observe around the world. This traditional Hindu celebration is also known as the “Festival of Lights.” It’s a major holiday in the country and creates a boom in the markets with families purchasing clothes, glass bangles, gold and flowers together.

fall festivals

fall festivals

Trinkets galore at the markets!

fall festivals

Often, diyas or lamps are lit around designs such as this outside houses during Diwali time

Across the country, cities have their own style of celebrating this festival. But some of the most happening celebrations occur along the sacred Ganga River in Varanasi, Kolkata and New Delhi.

2017 Diwali falls on 19th October.


3. Día de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead) – in Mexico

Latin America believes that the dead is insulted by mourning. Hence, they honor their deceased by celebrating death with colorful parades, costumes, puppetry, music, art and dance. Mexico often observes holidays during this festival.

fall festivals

The Día de los Muertos Parade

fall festivals

Puppetry and arts is a staple in the festival!

fall festivals

The 2017 Día de los Muertos begins on October 31st and goes on till November 2nd.

Similar to the joie de vivre of the event is Halloween which is more of a US harvest festival.  The Day of the Dead is observed in solemnity across other continents also.


4. Koyo Viewing – in autumn leaf spots in Japan

Japan is home to mother nature’s most blessed bounties, such as the ancestral sakura, cosmos’ and chrysanthemums. With varying temperatures across the country, unique flowers have graced this country’s landscapes every season.

Koyo refers to the viewing of the crispy red and yellow autumn leaves in Japan.

fall festivals

Autumn leaves or the ‘Koyo’ in Japan (Pic Courtesy: bryansjs on Flickr)

fall festivals

(Pic Courtesy: bryansjs on Flickr)

Similar to other fall festivals, this event is one of national pride. Best places for autumn leaf viewing in Japan include:

  • Valleys of Nakatsu, Rynou, Teriha, Oashi, Hananuki, Sogaku, Sanbaseki, Hanazono and Setoai
  • At National Parks such as the Shuzenji Nature Park, Gora and Togo Park
  • Gardens of Horaien and the Aoyama Cemetery
  • Lake Sagami, Fukuroda falls, Momiji tunnel and the Kirifuri highland

fall festivals

The leaves begin turning from the North Hokkaido areas in mid to late September and complete their transition towards December 1st week in the southern Kyushu region.

Similar to koyo viewing in autumn is the cherry blossom festival in spring! Read about it here.


5. Oktoberfest – in Germany

Undoubtedly, the King of fall festivals, this mega event surpasses all in its category! This mammoth-size beer festival in Munich is a romping party filled with a carnival atmosphere, loud dancing and lots and lots of chicken (almost 550,000 to be exact!).

fall festivals

fall festivals

The prime attraction is the 1-litre glasses of Marzen offered by numerous breweries enjoyed along with traditional Bavarian oompah music and pork knuckles.

Dates: September 16th to October 3rd


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