Things To See In Chicago Downtown In Less Than 48 Hours

Chicago is home to some of America’s earliest skyscrapers and is a powerful political and historic city in its own right. Its long been an icon for development among various other upcoming cities and has become more famous with its silver screen presence.

Downtown Chicago offer a host of attractions to explore. And the best feature about the place is that its easily walkable and can be seen quickly in a span of 2 or 3 days.

Another thing that people love about Chicago is its warm hospitality and delicious food joints. The city has coined its own special dishes, available only in Illinois.

Here’s our guide to the top things to see in Chicago if you are travelling for a quick weekend:

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The best time to visit Chicago would definitely be during the summer. Autumn and winters in the windy city are almost unimaginably cold, with temperatures often dropping below -20 degrees very early on.

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Visiting North America this year? Explore these must-see places along the Atlantic Ocean:

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  • New York’s museums, skyscrapers and central gardens
  • California’s gold coast beaches and bridges
  • Florida’s theme parks (Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags!) and palm-fringed drives

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