Top Travel Destinations For The Year 2017

This year holds some very exciting promises for travel buffs across the world. In the below video are the must-see travel destinations around the world in 2017.

Many of these destinations are inexpensive and have excellent lodging and travel facilities. Croatia has been steadily gaining visitors due to extensive filming happening within its cities. Game of Thrones has shot many of its scenes in the country, giving it international fame.

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Croatia is amazingly earthy and scenic. So if you really want some out from concrete jungles, this place will offer some refreshing perspective.

Kerala is a quiet southern state in India, famous for lush tropics, backwaters and tangy spicy food. Must try items when visiting are its kingfish fry and its 26 dish banana leaf banquet – the sadhya.

travel destinations

Kerala Fish Fry

Vietnam is yet another game changer in modern tourism by focusing on agri-tourists and those interested in volunteering. Their egg coffee is a must try before heading along to the country’s exciting nocturnal alleys.

travel destinations

A shop selling traditional lanterns in Vietnam

Denmark is also closing in on the top travel destinations for the year with its open visa policies and friendly locals. South Africa is a year-round favourite for wildlife lovers while Bermuda has huge thrills for water babies!

Now confused as to where to go? You must be – with so many options!!


ABTA is amongst UK’s leading travel associations. They represent travel agents from across the country and provide holiday packages and insurance to holiday goers.

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So where are you planning to head this year?

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