Missed The Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom?

Unable to see the cherry blossom peak bloom? Don’t worry because Washington DC has plenty of opportunities to see these cherries in their most colourful vigor!

Once the blooms deteriorate with shedding leaves, slivers of green leaves and branches pop out from the bud holes, ushering in a new season of life. There are cherry trees which flower in winter and fall also such as the Higan trees near the Washington monument and the tulip magnolias at the George Mason Memorial.

cherry blossom peak

Kwanzan Cherry Flower

If you miss the main Yoshino bloom, wait for the Kwanzan cherry trees to flower at the Potomac Park. These crispy dark pink flowers come out 15 days after the peak bloom date of the Yoshino trees.Keep a watch on the trees at National Arboretum. These varieties do not sync with the bloom timings of the Yoshinos at the Tidal Basin and can be a treat for late visitors. You can also find those forever blooming type cherry trees at many residential complexes in GeorgeTown and Bethesda.

There are many types of cherry trees which bloom at different times during the year. Follow this link to find out the blooming schedule and locations of some of the non-peak time blossoms: types of cherry trees in Washington DC

Where else can you see cherry blossoms other than at the Tidal Basin in Washington DC? Click here to know!

The National Cherry Blossom Festival marks the cherry blossom peak time in Washington DC. This yearly event happens usually in mid-March and goes on for three weeks. There’s so much the festival holds in store for its visitors, ranging from art exhibitions to plum cherry wine tastings to fashion shows to parades!
Here’s more on the cultural extravaganza: The National Cherry Blossom Festival


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