When is the Cherry Blossom Peak Time?

Cherry blossom peak time is a tricky time to track! This is because like all flowers, the cherry blossom is affected by numerous climatic and internal factors. And more than often, these blooms have a mind of their own.

The beautiful Yoshino cherry blossoms blush into life over a spell of a week, depending on the warm currents of the area. A lean winter might push for an early blossom, sometime in early March.

cherry blossom peak timeUsually, the cherry blossom peak time spreads between mid-March and early April, with the major bloom (one where 70% of the buds are open) occurring in a spell of 5 days. The middle of these 5 days is when most of the blooms will remain fresh and open. You can view the flowering trees in full swing 2 days before and after the climax bloom.

You must be really lucky to be able to view the blooms on the day of their climax. It so happens that sometimes, a few will bloom earlier, while the others lay dormant until the weather gets better. The year 2017 was witness to this irregular bloom.

However, early and late blooms do occur on tree-to-tree basis.

The blooming period can be most accurately tracked by the indicator tree. This tree has been popping out flowers 10 days before the exact peak bloom date for decades.

National Park Services releases the schedule of blooms according to the horticultural studies on this tree every year. Based on this, you can plan your trip.

You can also view the blooms at the Tidal Basin and see for yourself whether they have attained their peak at this link.


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