The Most Beautiful Christmas Trees In The World

What is Christmas without the sights of beautiful Christmas trees all around? These sights of fir and holly adorn the minds and hearts of all holiday lovers, lending a completion to Christmas season.

Here’s a round up of the world’s tallest and most beautiful Christmas trees:

Rockefeller Christmas tree

At the start of this list stands a tree so large and with tradition so old, that it become somewhat of an icon for the whole of North America. The glistening wire angels sing in trumpet to this mammoth tree, crowned with a Swarovski star.

beautiful christmas trees
Pic Courtesy: Rob Young (WikiCommons)

A new tree is donated every year to the Rockefeller center. The tallest tree ever erected at the Rockefeller spanned 100 ft and was flown in on the world’s largest transport plane in 1999.

beautiful christmas trees
Pic Courtesy: Rob Young (WikiCommons)
beautiful christmas trees
The wire angels of the Rockefeller Christmas tree (Pic Courtesy – Rob Young – WikiCommons)

Where to find the Rockefeller Christmas tree: Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10111

Highlights: Has a fantastic ice skating rink overlooked by the golden statute the Greek legend, Prometheus.

beautiful christmas trees
beautiful christmas trees
Pic Courtesy: PhillipC – Flickr

Dates: The lights stay on all the way into January first week.

Ukraine’s Christmas Tree at Kiev

The Ukrainian capital of Kiev turns into a magical holiday ground attracting thousands of tourists at St. Sophia’s Square. This beautiful Christmas tree is lighted by the Mayor on St. Nicholas Day (December 19th) and hosts over 42000 lights and 1000 garlands in a spell of lights and ornamental décor.

beautiful christmas trees
beautiful christmas trees

Where to see this tree: Volodymyrska St, 24, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001

Dates: Up for display usually till January 3rd week.

beautiful christmas trees

Highlights: The lively Christmas market around the square with parades, concerts and art shows aptly captures the spirit of Kiev.

The Christmas tree of Vilnius, Lithuania

Does she look like a bride glowing under her veil of lights? The enchantment of this Christmas tree flows into the hearts of local Lithuanians and visitors alike.

beautiful christmas trees
Pic Courtesy: BoredPanda
beautiful christmas trees
Pic Courtesy: Quanum Nova – Flickr

Where to see this tree: Šventaragio Street, Cathedral Square, Vilnius, Lithuania

Dates: Until January 6th 2018

beautiful christmas trees
beautiful christmas trees
Christmas in Kiev (Pic Courtesy: Eugenijus Radlinskas – WikiCommons)

Highlights: Take the Christmas Train, a Lithuanian holiday tradition, around old downtown to experience festivals all around the capital.

beautiful christmas trees
Pic Courtesy: Alma Pater – WikiCommons
Holiday tree at Moscow’s Red Square

Every year, a 100-year old fir tree with pre-defined metrics shoot up to glory in Moscow, decorated in flamboyance native to the Russians. Note to visitors – Russia celebrates Christmas on January 7th according to the Julian calendar. So technically, you are looking at a New Year tree below!

beautiful christmas trees

Where to see this tree: Red Square, Moskva, Russia, 109012

Dates: Till January 15th 2018

Highlights: Father Frost, firebirds, valenkis and mittens are the traditional toppers that go on board this regional tree. With such a different theme, this is one of those beautiful Christmas trees you must see in your lifetime!

Dortmund’s Christmas tree in Germany

This mammoth of a Christmas tree is a combination of 1700 tiny fir trees, towering over the town of Dortmund. Its prime highlight is its height, reaching out to 45 meters (147 ft)! As of today, it’s the tallest Christmas tree in the world.

beautiful christmas trees
Pic Courtesy: Arnoldius (WikiCommons)

Where to find this glorious creation: Hansplatz, 44137 Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Dates: until 30th December

beautiful christmas trees
Pic Courtesy: Tasto (WikiCommons)
beautiful christmas trees
Pic Courtesy: Mathias Appel (WikiCommons)

Highlights: The 4 meter-tall sparkling angel on top of the tree which spreads warm Christmas spirit.

Trafalgar Square Christmas tree in London

Perhaps more simple when compared to its sister trees in other countries. This beautiful Christmas tree was a gift from Norway to Britain for their support during the Second World War.

beautiful christmas trees
Pic Courtesy: Christine Matthews (WikiCommons)

Where to see this tree: Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN

Dates: Till January 1st 2018

beautiful christmas trees
Pic Courtesy: Tony Hisgett (WikiCommons)

Highlights: A fantastic choir performance under the tree at the square to rev up your Christmas spirit.

beautiful christmas trees
Pic Courtesy: Kathleen Conklin (WikiCommons)

Not all holiday trees are the fir or spruce ones that grew in dense forests. Some of the world’s most popular and beautiful Christmas trees are made out of paper, macaroons, toys and can you imagine, legos!

Here’s a link to some of the world’s most unusual Christmas trees – Unique holiday trees you can see this winter.

National Christmas Tree – Washington DC

One of America’s most popular and beautiful Christmas tree is the National Christmas Tree which is erected every year in front of the White House. This tree has unique traditions around it from making localized Christmas ornaments to an elaborate lighting ceremony by the President.

You can see this elegant tree in our video here:

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