Best Places To Visit Near Niagara Falls

The Niagara basin has so many amazing attractions nearby which are often overlooked by the power of the waterfalls. If you have time to spare, the best places to visit near Niagara Falls include summer ice skating rinks, glass making factories and much more!

Along the basin – Places to visit near Niagara Falls

Some of the natural wonders south of the Niagara stream are as vibrant and exhilarating as the Niagara itself!

places to visit near niagara falls

Downstream on the Niagara River. (Pic Courtesy: Jola and Yadiel Aguiar (Flickr))

  • The Devil’s Hole – A whirlpool and rapids central a little down the Niagara river.
  • Niagara Wine Trail – A great scenic walking trail for a picnic!
  • Reservoir State Park and the DeVeaux Woods – Where you can skate on a natural ice rink, if the weather permits!
  • Niagara Power Vista – The powerplant harnessing the force of the falls. Very educational, especially for kids.
  • Skylon Tower in Ontario – Featuring a revolving dining room and those yellow bug elevators which can both give you astounding views of the falls.
  • Old Fort Niagara – If you like a bit of history and delving into the folds of time.
places to visit near niagara falls

Old Fort Niagara (Pic Source: Niagara Frontier Publications)

There are awesome jet boat tours downstream the Niagara. If you are interested in some real wet action, try the Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour or the Niagara Jet.

Also, sign up for the walking tours at the state park around the waterfall. They give you the best views of the Niagara gorge while also, helping you experience the calm of nature with the soft gushes of water sounding in the background.

More East Coast attractions:

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