Summer Sunflowers at the McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area in Poolesville, Maryland

The McKee Beshers sunflowers are located in fields of the McKee Beshers Wildlife Management area in Poolesville, Maryland. These sunflower fields are a summer heaven for those seeking some warmth and sunshine in the midst of thousands of sunflowers that have bloomed in these wild sunflower fields in Maryland.

The McKee Beshers sunflowers are managed by Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources. They are grown with the purpose of providing natural feed to the mourning doves and other wildlife in the area once the blooms die and dry. Hunting of these birds is a prime activity in September to January.

Where to find the McKee Beshers sunflowers?

There are quite a few sunflower fields in the 2000-acre McKee Beshers Wildlife Management area which don’t all bloom at the same time. You can easily hop from one field to the other searching for the one with lesser crowd. Just drive by River Rd and you will come across the main ones. Look for the roadside lots with cars parked. They’ll indicate where the fields are. There are two big lots in a diversion from River Rd, but I found those to be a little too muddy for my car’s liking.

I’m also sharing a virtual tour of the McKee Beshers sunflower field in this video on my YouTube channel. Please check it out as well.

McKee Beshers Sunflowers in Poolesville, Maryland

What to keep in mind when visiting the McKee Beshers sunflower fields

  • Bloom period: 2 weeks (usually mid-july)
  • Go on a cloudless full sun day for the best sunflower show
  • The place gets really muddy. So wear appropriate footwear.
  • Use bug spray. Don’t learn this the hard way (like I did!)
  • Look down while walking, taking care to not squish the new blooms that are popping up all over the ground.

Is visiting the McKee Beshers area free?

Yes. The McKee Beshers Wildlife Management area is free and open to the public 7 days a week all through the year. You may donate to the area if you’d like on their official website –

Other activities and places of interest in the McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area:

  • Explore the C&O canal which borders on the area. East to Washington DC and west to Cumberland.
  • Watch ducks, wild turkeys, waterfowl and other wildlife near the Senaca Creek.
  • Hike through the miles of trails found around the area.
  • The McKee Beshers Wildlife area is a public hunting. So keep that in mind when hiking through the trails there.

Hope this article was helpful and will give you a create sunflower viewing experience at McKee Beshers. Leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

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