Time-saving Tips When Visiting The Air And Space Museum In DC

Here are some quick tips when visiting the air and space museum in DC and Chantilly:

  • If you have the whole day to spare, I suggest you take the guided tours. This is because many of the volunteers have tidbits of information not seen in the display boxes. Plus their humor and warmth is much better company and more insightful than just reading up on your own.
  • You can’t bring food inside. But you can go out at lunch time and eat someplace nearby. The air and space museum in DC gives you quick access food options around it. But the Chantilly museum whereabouts are quite deserted. Otherwise, resort to McD for quick fast food inside the museum.air and space museum in dc
  • You can get discounts on the museum café foods if you have Smithsonian membership.
  • The museums need a lot of navigation. Meaning you literally have to walk around through their maze of planes, elevators and walkways. Many information plates are scattered on different floors. So you might have to climb up or down depending on the height of the craft you’re looking at.air and space museum in dc
  • Some of the books at the museum gift shop are rare collectors items. Some are even signed! There are some great Star Wars memorabilia available there too.
  • The museum entry is free. But car parking costs $15 and movie tickets, simulator rides and some of the theater shows aren’t free.
  • Read up on some of the museum’s exhibits and the events that led to their launch before you go, such as the Discovery shuttle. It’ll give you a greater sense of awe and even a tingling of pride when you see them.
  • Overall, you’ll need around 4 hours to cover the museum, even if it’s a leisurely visit. Take a full day if it’s a serious visit and return home with your mind exploding with new dimensions on science and space.

Here’s what you can expect to see in the Air and Space Museum in DC:

The Discovery shuttle, Mars rover, Apollo modules and more!

Space suits and objects from the lives of astronauts in the space station

An awesome aircraft restoration unit which will show you real antique planes!

3D space shows and mainstream cinemas at the IMAX theater inside the museum


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