10 Fun Spring Activities To Do This Year

Spring is finally here and we know you’re just bursting to get out of home to soak in some fresh air. The bout of natural sunshine penetrating through the clear blue skies is perfect for washing way all those winter blues that have piled up over the last few months. Spring is our favorite season and we hope it’s yours too! And to get in the groove with the warm weather, we’ve compiled a list of fun spring activities you can enjoy during this special season:

Fun Spring Activities For The Soul

1. Watch the trees come to life

It’s the perfect time of the year to get out and explore nature! Trees shed off their winter skin and revive their hibernating seeds to produce tiny leaf buds, fruit and flowers. The cycle of life renews itself and this energy flows into our lives when we begin to spend time outdoors.

2. Flower power

Did you know the cherry blossoms are not the only flowers symbolic of this season? The first flowers that signal the turn of seasons are the delicate violet crocuses. Watch for these and you will know it’s time to start planning those exciting and fun spring activities you’ve looked forward to all winter!

fun spring activities

Also, March and April is the time for tulip and daffodil festivals all across the world. Here’s the link to a tulip festival at Burnside Farms in Virginia which brought us great joy:

The wildflower superbloom also happens during these months and is another fun spring activity to look forward to.

3. Savor fresh fruit and produce

The sweetest of nectarines can be savored during this season. Strawberries and apricots are aplenty. Fruit-picking and jam-making is in full swing during the spring months. You’ll notice the fine taste of sugar snap peas, pineapples, mangoes and cherries appearing sweeter during these months.

fun spring activities

4. Watch a wool shearing demonstration at a local farm

One of the fun spring activities you can take your kids to during this season is sheep shearing (the process of removing the sheep’s wool from its body). As farms and orchards open their doors to new curious customers enjoying the warm sun, many hold visitor demonstrations for wool shearing.

fun spring activities

Children take great delight in seeing and learning from these demonstrations. They can touch and feel the soft fleece before it’s made into their favorite sweaters and quilts.

5. Enjoy fine maple syrup

Springtime is also the season for harvesting fresh maple syrup. You can find purer and richer maple syrups stocking the aisles of supermarkets and farms. They will also be cheaper during this time due to widespread availability. Time for pancake breakfasts again!

fun spring activities

6. Soaking in the sun

As daytime lengthens and the soil becomes warmer, a visible improvement in people’s moods can be observed. Extended warm sunlight plays an important role in this endorphin boost. Take advantage of the blissful hours of daylight by going out for walks, exercising, planning picnics and sports in the mornings and late afternoons.

7. Plant more plants

One of the most rejuvenating and fun spring activities that nourish the soul is planting something green. Having greens around the house and inside the walls boost people’s moods and provide a welcome relief to the eyes – Not to mention, the glorious benefits they do to purifying the air in your home.

Now is the right time to awake the inner farmer in you and plant some seeds. Pepper, cilantro, strawberry and tomato seeds flourish well indoors during the spring months and will be perfectly ready in time to be placed in full sun during summer.

8. Listening to the birds chirp

Perhaps it’s been a while since you woke up to a sunny morning with the sound of songbirds chirping away near your window. Such sweet sounds can usher you up to a new day with a bout of positivity giving you energy to propel through the grime of the workweek.

Another idea for fun spring activities with kids is of course – bird watching! Children can enjoy identifying birds and even nurturing them if you can help them build a nest and set up bird feeders.

fun spring activities

9. Fly a kite

With the weather turning mellow, it’s the perfect time to get creative with paper and plastic and fly some kites. You can check out the numerous kite-flying competitions that pop up around town during these months or enrol in some community-driven kite-flying lessons. Remember – be creative with your kites! Use recycled materials and prints whenever possible so that springtime stays as beautiful as ever for generations to come.

10. Rework your home and heart

Spring is the time for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation. As the cycle of life renews all around, rethink your goals and try to become a better person. While decluttering your mind, also revamp your wardrobe and home by installing pollen filters, donating excesses to charity and spending on items that bring you mental as well as physical peace.

Do you know any more fun spring activities to add to this list? We are all ears! Let us know in the comments below how you spend this glorious season.

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