Space Shows At The Smithsonian Theater

The Smithsonian theater is a super grand almost 6-story tall 3D screen with quite a large seating capacity. Both the DC and Chantilly museums have their respective IMAX theaters, the one at DC being the Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater while the Chantilly one being the Airbus IMAX Theater.

The IMAX screen is specially receptive to light and colour and is a pioneer in audio-visual technology. All films which play on these screens are specially tailored for 3D effects. This makes the visual and audio effects astoundingly great!

smithsonian theater

There are special Smithsonian films with breathtaking 3D visuals running from 10:30 am to around 5 pm. These include films for children and some for older and more inquisitive minds on topics such as AI. The movies change seasonally, so that you get great supply all year long!

After 5 pm, the Smithsonian theater plays recent Hollywood releases along with other mainstream films. Multi-language films with subtitles are also screened at the IMAX theaters at the museums.

Enquire about the show timings at the Smithsonian theater booth at the entrance right when you enter as the shows start pretty early.

You get a few dollars off  per ticket if you’ve signed up for membership with the Smithsonian. We got $3 off per ticket for 4 tickets. And you get this discount every time you see films in the DC or Chantilly Smithsonian theater.

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Seeing an IMAX film is quite an experience and the 3D often makes you feel like objects are going to come right at your face. Kids will love it!

smithsonian theater

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