When is the best time to visit the Baltimore National Aquarium?

If you are planning on visiting the Baltimore National Aquarium, the best time would be during weekday afternoons in winters.

The weekends are often pretty crowded. And that’s not a very good thing, especially when you got a lot of walking, ogling and clicking away to do.  Also, with the dim lights inside some exhibits, trudging on other people’s toes, bags or even children – It’s best to be at peace with time to explore the exhibits. And also, by any chance, avoid the peak holiday season (June to September) when all the schools will be closed. Go before or after a long weekend because that’s when the place is most crowded.

Reserve your tickets online. These will relive you of the hassle of standing in queue. They do tell you to come an hour in advance. But that’s not really necessary if you’ve reserved your tickets.

There are huge discounts on Fridays (half-priced Fridays!) after 5 pm, you can avail the offer on the official website of the aquarium or check for coupons on Groupon or similar sites.

Once inside, there really is a lot to see! You’ll easily spend more than 3-4 hours indoors just ogling briefly at the culminations of sea creatures within. So do keep your time schedules flexible.If you are with children, there’s a lot more to do with special guides and kids tours. You can always pocket some extra time for the many gift shops and harbour view points inside the main building.The aquarium is usually open till 9:30 pm.


Dolphin shows at the National Aquarium – Tickets and timings here.

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