Strange Optical Illusions at the Taj Mahal in Agra

The Taj Mahal in Agra stands as an astounding symbol of beauty and perseverance through the times. The Mughal architects at the time of construction installed many tricky optical illusions in the marble-laden walls Taj emblem. These illusions fascinate visitors to this day.

Shades of the Taj

The gleaming monument caught the hearts of many with its ever-changing plethora of colors. From pale pink at dawn to blazing orange at sunrise to simmering white by noon to the beauty to amber at sunset – These color variations are whimsically coined as the “moods of the Taj Mahal.” And at night, lit by moonlight bouncing off the Yamuna river waters, the monument literally shimmers.

Another reason to be at the Taj Mahal in Agra throughout the day, isn’t it?

taj mahal in agra

Traveller Tip: Sometimes, there are special tickets for full moon viewings of the Taj. Now, that’s a real photographic treat! It’s also a great backdrop to celebrate special occasions and proposals!

You can see the best evening views of Taj Mahal in Agra from the Mehtab Bagh gardens across the river.

Other optical illusions at the Taj Mahal 

Perhaps not all world wonders have an element of illusion in them, making the Taj even more special! Right upon entry through the giant redstone mosques, you can see that the Taj looks large in rather in-your-face at the beginning, but as you navigate the large arcaded forecourts towards it, you’ll see it diminishing in size.

taj mahal secrets

And also, the 4 towering minarets around the main complex appear to lean outwards slightly. This was more of a safety measure than an illusion, as the area is often prone to earthquakes.

As you navigate around the complex, you can see more and more symmetry – right from the beautiful Persian gardens, to the bubbling blue fountains leading up to the marble-clad monument.

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