World of Coca Cola – Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta Video Guide

Atlanta and the multi-million soft drink brand Coca Cola have a rich shared history. Did you know that the founder of this renowned drink hailed from Atlanta and that the city also hosts an entire museum in his remembrance? The World of Coca Cola is the only coke museum in the world which allows you to experience the history of this soft drink like never before.

What to see at this museum

The Coca Cola museum in Atlanta was established to pay homage to John Pemberton, the founder of Coca Cola. When some legends have monuments named after them. But for John Pemberton, there’s an entire Coke-tasting factory left for the public to enjoy in his name!

The museum also busts a few myths about the drink and has plenty of interactive exhibits which showcase how the drink is made and has evolved. While it’s claimed that the secret formula to making Coca Cola is housed inside this museum, it’s more of hype spread to attract tourists.

Coca cola arttwork by local artists

Coca Cola Tasting Room

Something you must try when visiting this historic Coca Cola museum in Atlanta is the 100+ flavours of the drink available in their tasting room. The World of Coca Cola allows the public to infinitely sample around 10-15 variants of Coke from each continent. Some of the drinks (like the kiwi-flavoured Coke) are just mind-blowing and kind of difficult to the palette to contemplate!

Varieties of coke at the Coca Cola museum

Watch our video on the World of Coca Cola to see what else you can expect at this themed Coca Cola museum in Atlanta:

The World of Coca Cola is located at 121 Baker St NW in Atlanta.

Estimated time worth spending – around 2-3 hours.

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If you’re visiting Atlanta, considering checking out the Georgia Aquarium as well. It’s located right next to the World of Coca Cola and you can see both attractions in one single day.

Here’s what you can expect at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta:

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