Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta – World’s Largest Indoor Aquarium (Video Guide)

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta stands out as one of the world’s largest aquariums in terms of water capacity. One of the most visited tourist attractions in Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium has much to offer for different age groups!

Georgia Aquarium is located right beside the World of Coca Cola, the famous Coke museum erected at the founder John Pemberton’s birthplace. Baker Street is also home to Atlanta’s key tourist attractions such as the Centennial Olympic Park and Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

What to see at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta

The Georgia Aquarium dolphin shows are world famous because of their light works and fantastic mammal and trainer performances. These highly interactive dolphin shows are included with the aquarium tickets. All you got to do is be on time!

Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta

Another dolphin show that’s famous throughout the US is at the National Aquarium, Baltimore. Click here to read all about it.

Another key attraction at the Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest water tank housed at the center of the building. This giant tank is home to whale sharks which you can feed and interact with. Also, the Georgia Aquarium is one of the only 4 places in the world where you can see a live manta ray.

The adorable bob-headed Belugas of Georgia Aquarium are also its prime attractions. Did you know that belugas were earlier believed to be mermaids due to the structure of their underbelly and feet?

A quick video tour of what you can expect to see at the Georgia Aquarium:

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More about Atlanta

Atlanta is a small city located in the heart of Georgia, famous for its role in American civic history. If you plan on exploring Atlanta, check out its ripening music and food scene. There are also lots of hidden art displays across the city. Most of the major tourist attractions like the World of Coca Cola are located right at the downtown.

What to expect at the World of Coca Cola:

Most of the major tourist attractions in Atlanta can be covered over a weekend. And walking around is the best way to check out the city. So bring a pair of comfortable shoes and get walkin’!

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