Fun With Fins At The Baltimore National Aquarium’s Dolphin Show!

dolphin show baltimore

Search for “dolphin show Baltimore” and amongst the first few names comes the fantastic shows at the National Aquarium!

The dolphin shows at this aquarium are the first in class with live and energetic dolphins trained and fed in a large glass tank. You can see the dolphins spinning from underneath the water of the tank on one floor, and swimming and playing about on the second floor.


The Dolphin Discovery Park can be considered perhaps the most fun part of the entire National Aquarium! This is mainly because these large live creatures, the dolphins are in such touchable distance. Plus, they’re great entertainers!

There are 8-12 minute shows every 2 hours or so. And entry is free. Hence, no need for any advance booking.

dolphin show baltimore

During our visit, 8 hyperactive female dolphins who loved the limelight, entertained us! They twirled, jumped, splashed and snooted at us playfully. Their large slippery exteriors gleefully posed for the camera.

The show got over a little too quickly. I felt as if the dolphin just raked us into its antics giving us not one single second to look elsewhere, but to the stage!

dolphin show baltimore

Note: You won’t get wet with the animal’s splashes in the designated splash area. I was hoping to experience that, but guess the dolphins thought differently!

The aquarium authorities discontinued the full run shows in 2012.

When arriving, make sure you check the timings of the shows inside the park and arrange your schedule to maximize benefit. The shows run in a 2-3 hour interval every day.

More about the dolphin show Baltimore here!

A similar dolphin show at the Georgia Aquarium right here! The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the US.

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