Musings At The Taj Mahal

taj mahal

The Taj Mahal is a muse for many across the globe. The stallion-like minarets and unending saga of monumental love haunts visitors at this starry marble mausoleum.

Is it just the story behind this stone grave that’s so amazing? Or is it the various interpretations poets, writers and photographers draw from the shades of the Taj?

Location and getting there

The spectacular Taj Mahal is perched on the hip of the Yamuna River at Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh. There’s plenty of public transport available depending on which city you are staying at.

Here are some of the best ways to get to the Taj: Getting to the Taj mausoleum – Where to stay around the Taj

taj mahal

When is the best time to see the Taj? Where do I purchase tickets? We’ll tell you here!

Taj Mahal architecture

The beautiful Taj Mahal spells the brilliance of an era gone by. You can see for yourself that no matter how many textbooks, memoirs, blogs and photographs try to measure the depth of its beauty, none can come upto viewing it up close for real.

The sparkling marble blocks, embellished with multi-colour precious stones and engravings trick the eye with many optical illusions. Read about the Taj Mahal optical illusions.

taj mahal

Extensive marble work on the Taj Mahal

taj mahal

The Taj Mahal inner chamber

taj mahal

A brief glimpse into Taj Mahal’s history

The Taj Mahal is first and foremost a monument of deep and undying love. It was built by a Mughal emperor in memory of his wife and like his love, was constructed in utmost grandeur.

The emperor set records with this artistic marble creation by employing close to 20,000 artisans and 1000s of elephants to complete work. Read about Taj Mahal’s majestic history here.

When history itself is incomplete, we find ourselves seeking some hidden secrets.

Traveller intrigue: Lesser known secrets of the Taj Mahal

What every traveller should know when visiting the Taj

  • Often, there’re have been reports of local salesmen badgering tourists into buying unwanted items and clicking photographs. We suggest you try and avoid entertaining them as one yes can lead to hundreds of others approaching you.
  • It’s extremely hot to visit the tomb in summer. So plan your visit after November.
  • You don’t need a guide. Only Google.
  • Time for visit: 1-2 hours. 3 hours at the max.
  • Security is rigorous. You may carry just one mobile and one camera. Video cameras attract extra charges. They provide you with a bottle of water and shoe covers.
  • Go outside the Taj complex, to old town Agra for the best souvenirs and antiques.
  • The Taj has recently been under tremendous pollution threat and is being closed off in certain areas for maintenance.

While in India, head to the southern tip of the country to a state called Kerala. And check out the Kerala sadhya meal which is a 26+ dish feast locals eat for lunch every day!

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