Dubai 101 – Exploring The Dubai City Skyline

dubai city skyline

The Dubai city skyline has quickly matched up to the NYC and Tokyo riverfronts with its majestic marinas and sparkling skyscrapers. In less than 2 decades, growth has quadrupled, reflecting change in strategy, leadership and business sentiment.

Now apart from these bravadic words, what does a traveller see in the frames of the Dubai city skyline that catches his flights of fancy?

Dubai is very easily accessible by flight across the world. It’s a stop for many travelling to or from America and Europe from Asia and Australia. This gem of a city is as ostentatious as it is tourist-friendly. So if you have a layover for a day or two in the UAE, plan for a quick tour of these luxuriant and record-breaking skyscrapers that frame the Dubai skyline.

The gleaming wonders on the Dubai city skyline

Burj Khalifa

Quite simply the queen of the new century skyscraper generation, the Burj Khalifa has become the unparalleled icon of the Dubai skyline. Its tall gleaming glass and steel façade piercing the clouds says it all – that the UAE is soaring to new heights quite literally. The Burj is also the epitome of luxury, something Arabs relate with well.

dubai city skyline

The dancing Dubai Fountain around the Burj and light displays during special events are free spectator events. At a price, you can take a cruise near the fountain too. But a complete skyline cruise would be better if you are short on time and would like a wider view.

dubai city skyline
Burj Al-Arab

This iconic building has graced the screens of mainstream films, adventure enthusiasts and beach goers alike. The boat-shaped steely structure hosts a lavish floor-to-ceiling aquarium wall restaurant owned by Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara. With its glitzy bars and white sandy shores, this building has also become synonymous with the Dubai city skyline view.

dubai city skyline
dubai city skyline

Now, if you’re around the Burj Al-Arab and have a few hours to spare, you could check out the world’s third largest indoor ski park at Ski Dubai at the Dubai Mall.

Note: This visit needs a minimum of 3 hours.

Cayan Tower (Infinity Tower)

The Dubai marina boasts of this splendidly helical façade of steel and glass. The former Infinity Tower, now renamed, is a completely residential complex which gives every apartment a stunning 90 degree view of the Persian Gulf.

dubai city skyline

Take a lighted Dhow dinner cruise around this area if you want to spend the evening with live Arabian entertainment. If you don’t want to spend too much on a cruise, take an Abra. Both’ll give you great night time views of the Dubai Creek and harbor areas.

dubai city skyline
JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

This international hotel has climbed into the Guinness World Book of Records as the world’s tallest hotel ever. Its another option to view the panoramas of Dubai city skyline from the clouds during nighttime at their signature cocktail bar, the Vault.

dubai city skyline

View the Dubai skyline from the water with the Yellow Boats cruises. They’re quick and have conveniently timed evening cruises to beat the heat.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The wave design of this world-class hotel indicates the real spirit of the establishment. With plenty of water sports such as kayaking, water-skiing and scuba diving and a vibrant beach leading upto it, the Jumeirah is a treat to see and stay at. You could check out the Wild Wadi water park near this hotel also.

dubai city skyline
The Jumierah Beach Hotel – Day vs. Night
Raffles Hotel in Dubai

If there’s an image of the Middle East that’s gone down in the minds of everyone, its one of sand dunes and pyramids. The Raffles hotel in Dubai has mimicked this glorious tale into its architecture. Try and catch hold of views of this 5-star hotel if you’re in the Wafi city side of Dubai.

dubai city skyline

The Big Bus tours operate across the city. The detailed tour guides can give you worthy inputs which can help plan your itinerary at Dubai.

Atlantis The Palm

We’ve been hearing much about the Palm islands and the sparkling grandeur of the Atlantis for too long! This mega hotel has underwater rooms and also a theme park, one of the best in the Middle East.

dubai city skyline
dubai city skyline

Check out their Dolphin Bay and the Lost Chambers Aquarium for a splash of underwater wonder. The Palm islands are best viewed from the sky, so hence, plan an aerial adventure trip.

dubai city skyline

Do not return without visiting this real treasure on the Dubai city skyline.

Emirates Tower

This skyscraper duo is curiously shaped to fit together against a dusky sky. One building is an office complex, intermitted with gardens, lounge areas and waterfalls, while the other is a hotel. Though they look slightly different in height, they have the same exact number of floors.

dubai city skyline
Emirates National Bank of Dubai head office

While flowing down the Dubai Creek, this building is unmistakably a sight, especially at sunset. The Dubai Chamber is also equally intriguing, standing tall and proud beside it.

dubai city skyline
dubai city skyline
The triangular shaped building next to the Emirates National Bank of Dubai is the Dubai Chamber

With so many of the world’s most beautiful buildings resting on the shores of the Persian Gulf, who wouldn’t want to see the Dubai city skyline? So make time in your next trip to get down and see yourself the glorious business center on the Middle East – Dubai.

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