Which Are The Most Afforable Warm Winter Destinations In The World?

Planning a trip to some of the world’s best warm winter destinations for your Christmas break? We’ve done your research for you and come up the best places you can go to this winter depending on your type of travel!

These quick-to-plan hassle-free warm winter destinations are not just light on the wallet. They also have great hotels, activities and unique experiences for everyone.

Best warm winter destinations for 2017-2018:

1. Dubai

Dubai practically screams of glassy skyscrapers and luxury hotels holding out upscale parties along glamorous beaches. But that’s just a side of Dubai. When the heat finally dies down in the Middle East during winters, rates drop and tourists find fantastic bargains! And this makes it one great vacation spot!

Average Dubai temperature in winter: 25°C

What are the best experiences this urban city can gift you for Christmas?

Get a 360 degree view of the blissful orange sunset, from on top of one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, the Burj Khalifa. Plus take in all you can see from here – the old Dubai to new, the sky to the desert to the sea.

warm winter destinations

The view from the Burj Khalifa (Pic Courtesy: Simon Bierwald/Flickr)

Zip line (or XLine) from on top of a 90 meter platform over the vast Dubai fountains for unparalleled views of the city from bird’s eye angle. This costs AED 600 approximately and can be booked online and from the Dubai Mall.

warm winter destinations

Pic Courtesy: XLine Dubai

Shopping in the earthy markets of Old Dubai! Dates, spices, carpets, silverware, headbands… They have it all!

Desert safaris twisting and almost breaking your neck, camping out amidst the sand dunes, shishaying away to glory!

warm winter destinations

Surf at the Sunset beach on the small to medium waves if you are a beginner. Or head over to the North Beach for more experienced surfing terrains.

Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi – this beautiful white and gold marble marvel boasts of the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet and chandeliers.

warm winter destinations

warm winter destinations

Savor the luscious sweet Arab cuisine – the slow cooked lamb marinated with spices over warm mandi rice, tender chicken served with dried lemon in a platter of machboohs, the crackled wheat broth mixed with meat porridge called al hares. Or try the hassle-free hand-picked dates, sweet and tacky. If you’re in the mood to try something totally wild, sample the camel meat burgers available in select outlets in the city.

warm winter destinations

Other highlights include the Dubai Shopping Festival, a mammoth size shopping event, which happens in January every year. Plus with their genuine hospitality, Dubai easily becomes one of the world’s most favourite warm winter destinations.

More things to see and do in Dubai all throughout the year – Click here

warm winter destinations

Pic Coutesy: TimeOut Dubai

2. Greek Isles

A subtle warning before you expect a whole lot of sun and beach on the Greek islands in winter – Winters on this side of the European continent are not completely hot as you’d think. They’re pleasant enough for a hike, but not for a day out on the beach.

Average temperature in winter on most Greek Isles: 10-15°C

warm winter destinations

Greece has a total of 6000 islands, 227 of which are inhabited, largest of which is Crete. It’s unjust to point out which island is most beautiful. Because can you compare the single curve, photogenic beaches of Zakynthos to the glory of the whitewashed cubiform houses of Santorini? Or the tasteful wine fields of Kefalonia to the colorful harbors of Symi?

warm winter destinations

Lest of all, can you ignore the historically affluent Athens, one of the world’s oldest cities and home to great culture, art and civilisation?

warm winter destinations

Why we love the Greek isles in winter is because it’s so less crowded and simply cheaper. Most hotels do not stay open for the 20 or so tourists who inhabit their 350 room halls. Hence, the very few places that are open, are very warm, inviting and cost many dimes less than their summer counterpart rates.

Best things to do on the Greek isles in winter:

Hike to your heart’s content along the many wilderness trails of the wild islands.

warm winter destinations

The Navajo Bay or Shipwreck Beach on the coast of Zakynthos

Visiting ancient archaeology sites and museums without rush and fuss.

Bird watching in the marshlands of Lesvos … if the rain Gods allow it!

The Apokreas – a mega carnival before Easter which holds a special place of merriment in the hearts of all Greek landers and tourists alike.

warm winter destinations

Though the Greek islands make up for some of the most vibrant warm winter destinations of the century, be warned. Coming across frequent ferry service is uncommon during winters here. So best stick to one or two islands while deciding your course. Plan your itinerary to be short, humble, yet enriching.

3. Australia

December to February is summer in Australia, making it the perfect winter getaway for those in the Northern Hemisphere.

Average winter temperature in Australia: 30-50°C with high humidity.

Winter activities in Australia (December – March):

Swim with whale sharks at the Ningaloo Reef! Or cage dive with the Great White shark at Port Lincoln!

warm winter destinations

Pic Courtesy: Diviac Magazine

warm winter destinations

Pic Courtesy: Maduro Dive Blog

You can even dive with crocodiles at the Crocosaurus Cove – a deadly 15 minutes in the ‘Cage of Death’ with the beasties!

Not everything has to be that adventurous in Australia. For those looking to relax, you can choose from over 8,222 islands to hop across!

warm winter destinations

Check out the living fossils at the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.

Road trip alert – drive on the Great Ocean Road, encountering the 12 Apostles, thousands of misty waterfalls, surfing spots and heritage locations along the way! Or quad bike across select beaches!

warm winter destinations

With children? They’ll love the Skyrail rainforest cableway, a 7.5km cable stretch high above the tropical canopy!

Also, while you are there, hike around the Uluru or the Ayers Rock – and watch it glow blood red at sunset!

warm winter destinations

Undoubtedly, the most priceless experience in Australia – diving into the Great Barrier Reef.

Many of Australia’s coral reefs are now under threat with rising ocean temperatures and have been closed off to visitors. Kindly be responsible while touring these great heritage wonders.

4. Hawaii

Hawaii is amazingly pleasant and ever beautiful, even during the winter months. This makes it a great tropical warm weather destination for couples, families and solo travellers alike.

Average winter temperature on the Hawaii islands: 25.6°C with lots of rain.

Why Hawaii is considered amongst the best warm winter destinations:

warm winter destinations

Whale watching season (November to May) – Yes, it’s almost exclusive! Hawaii is the winter migratory escape of North Pacific humpback whales. So this almost guarantees daily whale sights if you are planning a sight-seeing cruise. Best places to see whales in Hawaii are the Halona Blowhole on Oahu’s east side, Maui, the Kappa beach and Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge on the Kauai Island.

Big waves – scope for extreme surfing rises like the waves themselves!

warm winter destinations

Varieties of beaches and landscapes – such as the Black Sand Beach, made of lava particles. Generally, the soil of Hawaii is volcanic, making it home to unique plant species.

Watch the epic Kahiwa Falls at Molokai.

warm winter destinations

For the kids – there’s the world’s largest plant maze! Almost 2.5 miles of plant-laden path known as the pineapple maze at the Dole Pineapple Farm in Haleiwa in Oahu.

warm winter destinations

5. Brazil

This tropical jewel of a country stands out from all other warm winter destinations as the crowning best! Why so?

Explore the Amazon without the blistering heat of the sun!

warm winter destinations

Riverdive in the tropical wetland of Pantanal in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul!

Its turtle hatching season! And you and your kids can enjoy sights of those little shelled tiny creatures waddling out from sand holes into the great ocean.

warm winter destinations

Indulge is some lip-smacking churrascos, a special barbecue preparation by Brazilian cowboys in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. You can get any cut of any type of meat seasoned with fried yucca, chayote, hot sauce or queijo coalho (squeaky cheese).

warm winter destinations

For kite surfers and those whole love natural swimming pools, check out the Cachadaco beach.

Brazilian Carnival – Brazilians know how to celebrate New Year in style – with samba shows and traditional rhymes, blasting across streets lined with steakhouses, barbeques and grill houses!

warm winter destinations

Average winter temperature in Brazil: 22-26°C

Other affordable warm winter destinations you can travel to on a budget include:

  • The quiet and tranquil islands of Seychelles
  • The Tanzanian national parks and wildlife refuges
  • Phuket, the pinnacle of sun and beach, even during those cold winter months
  • South India, filled with spiritual odysseys, deserts and tropics all along a single shore

The world is an open book. And those who do not travel read only one page. Open your eyes to exploration!

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