Grand Canyon From The Sky – Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Review and Video Guide

If you’re short on a time but want to experience the sheer splendor of the Grand Canyon, then we suggest taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour for the best experience!

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders with caverns and ravines miles into the rock bed. Its geography can be seen from flights flying above Arizona towards the West Coast. On a cloudless day (with a burning hot sun!), you can see the behemoth that the Grand Canyon really is. And it’s pretty hard to believe that the place was engulfed under water millions of years ago!

Most people skip taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour because of its price. But if you’ve never gotten on a helicopter and would like the Grand Canyon experience in a capsule form, then we highly recommend booking one. There are also several operators in the area that offer good packages for their Grand Canyon helicopter tour. The one we booked was with Papillon Helicopters, and in their VIP Express Skywalk package, we got a good worth for our buck!!

Watch our video showing the Grand Canyon from up up and above along with glimpses of the glass Skywalk at the Grand Canyon West here:

Made up your mind yet? Booking a tour?

Groupon keeps having special discounts for the Grand Canyon helicopter tour experience with a number of operators. Some of the operators also provide complimentary shuttle service to and from our hotel to the airport (in our case, it was from Las Vegas to Boulder City Airport).

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Visiting the Antelope Canyon

If you’re planning to visit the Grand Canyon area, don’t forget to explore the Antelope Canyon as well. Sights from the Antelope Canyon have covered the desktops of computers ever since the very concept of wallpapers came about! Read our guide to visiting the Antelope Canyon here. And our video guide to the same out here:

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