Antelope Canyon in Arizona – Video Guide To The Upper and Lower Canyon

The Antelope Canyon in Arizona has been often revered by many as one of the top wonders of the natural world. For the native Indians in the area, the canyon is sacred ground. For the rest of us, a very famous wallpaper that graced the screens of our Windows computers in the 90s has inspired us to dream about the place.

Antelope Canyon in Arizona
The iconic Windows wallpaper of the Antelope Canyon

So what is so fascinating about the Antelope Canyon in Arizona?

For starters, the natural occurrence of the canyon itself is quite intriguing! The canyon evolved from just a tiny gap in a rock into a full-blown cavern over the course of years.

Because of the heavy flow of water through the canyon due to flash floods and rains, natural (and beautiful!) stripes form against the walls. Avid photographers from across the world come to snap pictures of the scenic sights inside, constantly adjusting their lenses to the myriads of colours naturally occurring in the canyon due to the interplay of light. The dancing light beams of the Antelope Canyon have also been a muse for photographers and nature enthusiasts.

Booking a tour to see the Antelope Canyon in Arizona

There are so many other reasons as to why the Antelope Canyon in Arizona intrigues the human mind. And you can explore this canyon easily with a pre-booked tour (which is the only way to see the canyon by the way!). In the following short video, we try to explain how, why and when you should book a tour to the canyon to get the best of its experience:

If you’re planning a trip to the Antelope Canyon in Arizona, read our travel guide for the most frequently asked questions right here.

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