The Ultimate Niagara Experience – Cave of the Winds!

The Cave of the Winds is going to be undoubtedly the best moment of anyone’s Niagara tour!

The entrance to the Cave of the Winds is a long walk away from the Maid of the Mist dock and the observation deck. After crossing many well-crafted bridges with ravishing scenery and great views of the river, the ….. island appears with all its little walkways and wooden benches overlooking the water.

We had to wait a staggering 45 minutes in the sun to get our tickets – kind of a damper for those low on time. But this wait gave me the change to go get some of the area’s special Niagara Delight ice cream. Verdict: It’s alright. Nothing very new.

cave of the winds

View from the bottom deck. We got to see a 180 degree rainbow!

Now for those of you who have come prepared to get wet, you have probably gotten yourself proper footwear. But don’t worry if you haven’t, because they provide you Niagara-printed floaters at the Cave of the Winds, without which a hike up the waterfall is impossible.

The Cave of the Winds refers to a large wood and steel structure with plenty of docks erected into the wall of the American Falls. It is situated at the lower end of the Bridal Veil Falls. Climbing up the many decks, you can have numerous views of the milky white waters of the falls. Playing safe are the portions below. You can touch and splash around in the flowing water. I happen to see two rainbows here with one in 270 degrees, ending just a few meters away from me.

As you climb higher, you get to experience more thrills such as taking a half shower in the waters of the falls. You can literally stand in the falls’ water flow on one weed-filled deck and feel yourself get pushed forward in force.

cave of the winds

But to completely experience the Niagara, you must climb up to the Hurricane Deck – a slippery fenced area earmarked for thrills. Here, you can stand right beneath the Bridal Veil Falls! The water will pound on your shoulder with force similar to that of galloping horses. Icy cold and heavy, the gusts of water will whip out at you.

Some describe it as feeling thousands of icy needles poke at you from the back. The water flow is so strong, you cannot stand there for more than a minute or two at a time; the falls will push you to the front.

cave of the winds

My moment of glee!

Choose your intensity and do not be reckless here as it’s a very slippery and risky area – but perhaps, it’s the most exhilarating part of the Niagara too, because you get to feel like you are literally inside the falls, one with the water.

I had a backache for two days following my stint at the Cave of the Winds. But it was worth it!

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